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Equip Yourself with A Cert 4 Work Health and Safety

Are you interested in exploring a career in Work and Health Safety (WHS)? If you are aspiring to be a coordinator, officer, or inspector, then you should seriously consider taking a Cert 4 Work Health and Safety course. These days, qualificationsmake a difference to businesses and the public sector—but not everyone has them. Getting a certification will help you stand out and put you a step ahead of your competition when applying for positions or promotions.

A Cert 4 Work Health and Safetywill also equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge that you will need to perform supervisory role effectively and efficiently. The following are some of the topics and competencies that are covered in the course.

Understanding WHSMS

Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS)provide the framework that allows WHS professionals or the management to ensure safety and protection of employees. It pertains to the set of policies, procedures, and plans to systematically manage health and safety at work as well as cases of injuries and illnesses. In this course, you will gain skills to contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of WHSMS.

Developing communication skills

The bulk of your job as WHS professional is ensuring people’s safety. To do that, you must communicate the legislations, policies, and procedures clearly so that people can follow them accordingly. You need to actively promote and remind everyone about health and safety in a variety of situations using different tools and strategies. This is why enhancing your communication skills is a must. In this course, you are going to work on your written and oral communication.

Managing return to work programs of your organisation

Aside from avoiding and minimising workplace injuries, the job of a WHS officer is to facilitate an injured worker’s return to work. A Cert 4 Work Health and Safety course involves learning about legislative requirements such as laws relating to workers’ compensation and claims management. It also teaches you how to design a return-to-work programs and how to liaise or coordinate with medical professionals.

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