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Recession-Proof Your Career through a Cert IV in Project Management

Fulfilling careers are hard to come by these days, especially when the job market is highly competitive. Luckily, Australia’s labour force is quite strong, with unemployment rates decreasing to as low as 6.8% in the year 2020.

Securing a professional occupation is vital within our ever-changing economy and training, such a Cert IV in Project Management, can help develop your resume and add value to prospective employers.

Project management is an often-overlooked aspect of successful organisations. Without project management, a business is set up to fail. However, it takes a certain set of skills to execute a project correctly.

The process of project management includes the following steps: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and lastly, closing. Each step requires careful organisation and time-management to deliver successful results. A Cert IV in Project Management can help you apply these skills to meet even the most complicated project requirements.

Here are some things to know about Cert IV in Project Management:

  1. Course Description

Project management certification helps you take your foundational skills to the next level. They’re designed for individuals who prefer to work independently, helping them develop prioritisation and communication skills.

  • Possible Careers

Understanding the fundamental principles of project management can open up more possibilities for you than you can ever imagine. You’ll have the chance to explore careers as a Project Coordinator, Project Team Member, Project Management Officer, or even as a Program Administrator.

  • Expected Outcomes

Aside from the various career opportunities, a Cert IV in Project Managementhelps candidates gain vast knowledge in applying project scope management and time management techniques.

In addition, course takers experience the application of different project quality management techniques, as well as effective cost management methods for the success of their organisations.

Do you already have experience in project management? Fill out our Free Assessment form and find out what qualifications you’re already elidable for without study.

Published by 3CIR Pty Ltd

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